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Meet Our Faculty

Sanjana Vadapalli


Sanjana Vadapalli, the founder of Magic Music Academy, is an incoming freshman who enjoys odds and ends of various activities, some of which include writing, reading, science, and playing the piano. She has passed level 5 of ABRSM piano certification and has been learning the piano for 8 years. 

She came up with the inspiration to found Magic Musicians Academy through her passion for music that led her to create opportunities for underprivileged kids who would like to explore the world of music.

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Yufei Shen

Teacher - Violin

Yufei Shen is an 8th grader-to-be who loves music more than anything. Her favorite thing to do is playing the violin and has been playing her instrument for over 6 years, joining two orchestras so far. She is the lead violinist in both orchestras, and is a coach in one of them. She has also been able to play many solos with the orchestras during her time with them. Yufei loves to teach and help other people with their instrument, and she will gladly help students and have them play as good as possible. She has joined this academy to help musicians that can't afford music lessons to get them and be able to achieve their musical dreams.

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Annika Garimella

Teacher - Saxophone, Vocals, Ukulele

Anni Garimella is a saxophonist, a vocalist, and a ukulele player. She has been learning each one for close to 7 years. She is a fun-loving person, and she loves to teach people. She was selected into Nashua Sings, the program for the top singers in her town, and was selected into Jazz Band, which is for the best players. She can't wait to teach!

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Sandra Jacob

Teacher - Piano

Sandra Jacob is 14 years old and is in 8th grade. She has been playing the piano for about 8-9 years. She loves the outdoors and enjoys soccer, playing the piano, running and reading. Her favorite piano piece is Nuvole Bianche. She hopes that when playing the piano you have as much fun as she has for the past nine years!

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Ishaan Saha

Teacher - Piano

Ishaan Saha is 15 years old and is currently a rising sophomore. He has been playing the piano for almost 9 years, is currently working to do well on the Level 8 of the Associated Board of Royal School of Music (ABRSM), and has received a 5 on the AP Music Theory exam. In addition to playing the piano, he enjoys math, walking outdoors, fanfiction, and playing video games. He is really grateful for the good music has done in his life and hopes to help others enjoy the beauty of music more fully.

Grand Piano
Kristen Yeh

Teacher - Piano

Kristen Yeh is a rising senior and has been playing the piano for 10 years. She has excelled the National Guild Auditions for the American College of Musicians for 8 years. Her passion for music has led her to play the ukulele and sing recreationally as well. Kristen love to work with kids, and she is excited to help others pursue their musical interests.

Johnson Kayati

Teacher - Guitar

Hey! My name is Johnson Kayati. I am a 16-year-old Junior at Dougherty Valley High School. I have been playing guitar for 5 years now. I enjoy many things such as Music Production, Basketball, football, and astronomy. I joined the academy to help others pursue their passion for music no matter who they are.

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